The expectation: When we booked the trip with Southstar Charters,  I did not know what to expect I only knew that I wanted to try offshore fishing. I am not an avid fisher but wanted to see what it is all about. Although excited, I figured it would be a day of frustration and possible embarrassment, as this was a first time for me. Boy was I wrong.

The experience: Upon arriving at the boat I saw Justin (Crew) getting the boat ready to leave the dock. I could already tell this was going to be a good day. Justin was all smiles even  at 5:00 am and doing the needed chores to get the boat underway. Starting at the first exchange I never felt as I was a hindrance,  the crew and Captain took time out to answer questions and share their knowledge (all had thousands of hours of sea time and vast fishing experience). You could tell that all of them loved fishing and had great passion for the profession. I can tell you that from arriving aboard to when we disembarked they never stopped working.

519e10eb55567On our transit out to Captain Brad’s secret spots, I took in the remarkable scenery of Charleston, this in itself was worth the trip. From the historical sites to the dolphins swimming beside the boat it was truly breathtaking.

Upon hitting the first secret spot, fishing was easy because all poles had bait on them, the deck area was clean and ready to fish. Captain Brad put the boat on top of a gold mine of fish. There were six people and all of us were in on the fishing. The crew was always available to help especially when my lack of experience started to show. They offered tips and tricks but allowed me to dictate their level of involvement.

Throughout the day we switched fishing spots and during this switch the crew was hard at work cleaning the deck and preparing for us to put the lines in the water again. This made this fishing trip  an enjoyable and easy adventure.

I caught so many fish throughout the day that was literally exhausted. Even while exhausted, I could not put the pole down as I didn’t want to miss the next big one.  When we got back to the deck the crew cleaned and packaged my catch. I sat back enjoyed my beverage and savored the fresh air and scenery wishing that it was not over so soon.

From the boat to the crew to the experience this was truly a great experience. Not only would I recommend Southstar Charters but I plan on going out again. First class operation from booking through the entire trip until the arrival back at the dock. Thanks Captain Brad et. al..

Bill Litchfield
President, IndyCanvas

Hello Capt. Brad & Crew, I just recently left Wanchese, NC upon the completion of the Blue Fin Tuna season. Just wanted to extend a few words to you guys; As a commercial tuna buyer who has been employed for the past 19 years in many corners of the globe I have to say that you folks have some serious passion and enthusiasm about what you do. I wish all sport boats I deal with up and down the coast showed the same professionalism. You guys are the real deal !

Scott M.

My first offshore trip with SouthStar Charters aboard the High Yield was amazing. Not only did we leave on time and return on time, the crew was entertaining and informative throughout the entire charter. First mate Justin never stopped working. First mate Robert had my line back in the water seconds after I caught fish. Every time I turned around, someone was reeling in fish. I’ve never seen so many fish being reeled in one after another for hours!

The fish didnt stop biting all day. Each spot Captain Brad took us to was better then the previous. I caught one of the biggest Red Snappers I’ve ever seen!  Every person on the boat was able to catch fish! The boat was very comfortable and it was a smooth ride out and back home. The trip was so much fun. I cant wait to go again on the High Yield!

Lili Sass


Experience:  Our experienced Captain and Crew have years of experience providing guests aboard the High Yield a safe and fun loving atmosphere all while having an action packed day of fishing. Aboard the High Yield you will never be with less than 30 years of offshore fishing experience!

Equipment:  Aboard the High Yield we use only the best technology to include GPS, radar and weather equipment.  Your safety is our number one concern!  While you are reeling in the big one be confident that you are using the latest Penn and Shimano equipment to guarantee your catch gets in the boat.